There Is No Hero In Heroin Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation substance use disorder causes to families. They envision a world where fewer lives are lost and help exists for the millions of Americans affected by substance use disorder. Those at TINHIH Las Vegas strive to be a support system by referring, educating, and assisting the general public on all aspects of substance use disorder. They have relationships with organizations in Las Vegas to help get you the help you need, either for the addict or family members.

To learn more about the There Is No Hero In Heroin Foundation, visit [email protected].

In this episode, Wendy speaks with the founder of TINHIH Las Vegas, Joe Engle. Joe shared his very touching story of how he found TINHIH and why he started the Las Vegas chapter. Joe gave information about the organization’s work in our community and what resources they offer. From their annual Black Monday Public Education Forum to their Alternative Peer Group program, TINHIH has goals for awareness, prevention, treatment and recovery for users of opiods and heroin. The organization’s Black Monday is coming up on February 7th and Joe fills us in on what to expect from the event.

Original Air Date: January 30, 2022.