TINHIH’s Rock for Recovery is positioned to support scholarships for adolescents in recovery

DJ Michael Toast

When TINHIH envisioned a recovery high school, we always planned on supporting the students during their time at high school. A chance to combat the opioid epidemic in an unconventional way. We’d surround them with recovery support services, a tender understanding of their condition, and teach life lessons from persons with “lived experience”. The main objective would be to not only put a diploma in these student’s hands, but to give them the tools in which they can rely upon to get them through life clean and sober! 

Rock for Recovery 2019

All of this seems so long ago. Albeit, it’s only been roughly a year and a half that we’ve been at this. With TINHIH’s Alternative Peer Group and the Mission High School staff, we are launching an initiative in which we will continue to support those graduating seniors! We’ve come up with an idea that will provide monetary scholarships to any type of higher education- be it scholastic or a skilled trade. The Rock for Recovery event is scheduled for this Mother’s Day – May 12, 2019. The event takes place at the local concert venue, the Brooklyn Bowl. All ticket and merchandise proceeds will go towards this mission.

Brooklyn Bowl has graciously donated its space for free as well as local DJ Michael Toast. Rock for Recovery is positioned to net over 15k! With 11 graduating seniors, this will provide monies for classes, books, etc! A brain trust of APG staff and MHS will decide the allotment for each senior.

I feel blessed to be a part of a movement in which our students struggling with substance use disorder will have a glimmer of hope. Because without hope, what is there really? Please consider on attending our event, as this is not only about TINHIH’s future, rather that of a whole new era of teens becoming useful adults.